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People are turning to message apps for remote working more than ever. Over the past few years, what’s been clear is that people are shifting towards this new way of business and becoming increasingly prevalent. While you might have many questions about what it means to work remotely, make sure you understand how capable these apps can be for your company.

Companies have started using different apps to contact others who may not be in the same location. Tech peer companies are leading the charge, and many small, medium, and large companies have followed suit. With loads of teams currently functioning remotely, new avenues for collaboration are being explored. Scroll down to put a light on the Top 5 Best Business Messaging Apps.

1. ProofHub

The ProofHub messaging app platform can help you conquer your business through group conversations. It is only as effective as your involvement, so make sure to enhance the efficiency of what it has to offer.

Group and one-on-one chat abilities on ProofHub allow teams to communicate in various ways, enhancing the efficiency of communication.

Your team can now stay in-house and has faster ways to collaborate. Now you can easily stay on top of what’s going on too. The ProofHub is incredibly easy to use and allows better group accountability.


  • Priority Support Mechanism
  • Customized workflows and Roles
  • Modern Features
  • White label feature
  • Limitless projects
  • Substantial storage space
  • Limitless users

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the realization of team chats on the technology level. Your preference for Microsoft Teams will depend on your personal preferences for doing work within an app like this.

Within Microsoft Teams, every account is associated with a solitary association. This is what you might call your company or team. Each team may have multiple channels to manage and share different views of events, following a similar structure internally as other cloud collaboration tools become more popular across industries. 

Thread conversations make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, more convenient than the more traditional chat channels and can result in tidier updates.


  • Extremely instinctive
  • Highly adaptable and customizable
  • Video conferencing
  • Easy integration of third-party apps
  • Tremendously compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Office 356 business accounts are automated incorporated with the app.

3. Slack

Slack began life in 2013 and has developed a user-friendly platform that’s flexible and powerful. All devices seem to work well with this app, allowing users to focus on other important aspects of their business. So everyone can get the benefit of this messaging app? It’s like they’re lowering the threshold of getting important things done. In a world that’s always changing and never standing still, it seems like people take things for granted way too often.

Slack is especially beneficial for teams that are spread across the globe. Whether working from residence or in the workplace, Slack provides a fantastic platform for all employees to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Slack is a popular tool for in-house interaction and can be used externally as well, so you can reach out to your clients & partners in an easy way.

Users can easily upload or share files with the platform. These include Dropbox, Google Drive, and other file transmission apps.


  • Video conferencing
  • Encoded chats
  • Third-party incorporation
  • Easily customizable and adaptable
  • Audio calling
  • Numerous features and tools
  • Documents compiling
  • Amendment facility of other screens

4. Chanty

Chanty is a user-friendly business messaging app for team communication that clarifies for different teams that they’ve also hit the mark, with a messaging tool that permits your team to remain in contact. It lets your team be in the same place, so you’re never far from one another, and it’s clear they’ve hit the mark.

Not only is Chanty a super user-friendly team app, Although you’re never far from one another, this app also makes remote work efficient and fun.

One positive aspect of chat, audio, and video communications is that they make it easier to converse with your team. You will be able to do some light project management too.

You can easily twist a communication into a task, and you can share that with your colleagues or work on it yourself later. You also integrate online services like Dropbox, Github, Trello, or Google Drive.


  • Encourage interaction in all organizational sections
  • Free trial is also accessible
  • The search feature is pretty easy
  • Encrypted message and communication
  • Limitless messaging
  • Numerous interaction methods
  • Free Trial also maintain previous records

5. Twilio

Twilio is a cool platform with different features than other apps we have looked at today. The APIs let their customers develop apps like SMS messaging and phone numbers for their company. For the business, this provides a more seamless experience for the customers.

Twilio is designed for developers, and because it’s specifically tailored for app creation, companies like Netflix and Uber use it. So if you’re ready to create your app or just want extra freedom with what you’re building, Twilio is a superlative alternative.

While it’s made for developers, you can still use the app for your ends, such as integrating an interface to Zapier and connecting with HubSpot or Zoho CRM. That way, you don’t have to worry about coding anything yourself.


  • Multiple third-party integration facilities
  • Messages are secure and encrypted
  • Extremely customizable and adaptable
  • Per message, costing is available
  • Intuitive live streaming
  • Audio calling and video conferencing
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