Kids Baseball Drills

Baseball is more than just a sport; it’s a way for kids to learn teamwork, discipline, and the joy of competition. Whether your child is just starting their baseball journey or looking to sharpen their skills, fun and effective Kids Baseball Drills can make a significant difference. In this article, we will explore a variety of drills that are not only educational but also enjoyable for young athletes.

1. Catching Pop Flies

Objective: Improve catching skills and hand-eye coordination.

One of the fundamental skills in baseball is catching fly balls. For this drill, have your young athletes form a circle. You or a coach can be in the center and gently toss pop flies to each player. Emphasize using two hands to catch the ball, and gradually increase the height and distance of the throws as the players improve.

2. Relay Race Ground Balls

Objective: Enhance fielding skills and speed.

Divide the kids into two teams and create a relay race setup. Place a bucket of baseballs at the starting line and another empty bucket at a distance (e.g., 20 yards) from the starting line. The first player from each team runs to the starting line, picks up a ground ball, and then runs to drop it into the empty bucket before the next player goes. This drill combines fielding with speed and teamwork.

3. Batting Tee Practice

Objective: Develop proper batting technique.

A batting tee is an excellent tool for young hitters to practice their swings. Place the tee in the home plate area and have the kids take turns hitting off it. Focus on fundamentals like hand placement, weight transfer, and following through. Encourage them to hit to different parts of the field.

4. Base Running Relays

Objective: Improve base-running skills.

Create a relay race that simulates base-running scenarios. Set up cones or markers for bases and divide the kids into teams. Designate one player on each team as the runner. The rest of the team lines up at home plate. The first player runs to first base, the next player runs to second base, and so on. The player who started as the runner scores a run when they return to home plate. This drill helps kids practice their base-running and teamwork.

5. Pitching Target Practice

Objective: Develop pitching accuracy.

If your young athletes are interested in pitching, this drill can help them improve their accuracy. Set up a target, such as a hula hoop or a large piece of cardboard with a hole cut out, as the strike zone. Have the kids take turns pitching and aiming for the target. Encourage them to adjust their throws to hit different areas within the strike zone.

6. Infield/Outfield Practice

Objective: Enhance fielding skills for both infielders and outfielders.

Divide the kids into two groups—one for infield practice and one for outfield practice. Infielders can work on ground balls and making accurate throws to a designated base. Outfielders can practice catching fly balls and making strong throws back to the infield. Switch the groups after a set time to ensure everyone gets a chance to practice both skills.

7. Running the Bases

Objective: Improve base-running and base-stealing skills.

Set up the bases and have the kids take turns running from first to second, second to third, and third to home. You can add a competitive element by timing their runs or having them race each other. This drill helps kids learn the nuances of base-running, such as sliding and reading the pitcher’s movements for potential steals.

8. Soft Toss Hitting Drills

Objective: Enhance hitting skills with soft toss.

Use a soft toss technique where a coach or teammate tosses the ball from the side, simulating a pitcher’s delivery. The hitter practices timing and swinging at the pitched ball. Soft toss drills are excellent for improving hand-eye coordination and hitting mechanics.

9. Catcher’s Pop Time

Objective: Develop throwing and catching skills for catchers.

If you have young catchers on your team, work on their “pop time,” which is the time it takes for a catcher to receive a pitch and throw to a base to catch a potential base stealer. Have them practice receiving pitches and making quick, accurate throws to second base. This drill can be challenging but rewarding for aspiring catchers.

10. Game Simulation

Objective: Simulate game scenarios for practical experience.

Create mini-game situations during practice. Have the kids take turns as batters, fielders, and base runners. This drill helps them apply their skills in a game-like setting and understand the flow of a baseball game.


These fun and effective Kids Baseball Drills are designed to help young athletes develop essential skills while enjoying the game. Remember to keep the atmosphere positive and encouraging, emphasizing improvement over perfection. Through regular practice and the right guidance, these budding baseball players can build a solid foundation and grow into confident, skilled athletes on the diamond. Baseball is not just about the final score; it’s about the journey of learning and growing through the sport.

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