People across the globe are incredibly passionate about food, often spending their life savings on what they consider is a true delicacy. Not every experience carries quite the same level of flavour to it- some people simply love eating good food anywhere and anytime, while others take the pleasurable feeling of preparing it and become a professional chef or blogger! Fantastic! You’re obviously a foodie of the highest calibre. Food bloggers are sensitive to the world around them. They can document their personal favourites, places to eat, and more.

Although you’ve probably heard the term “foodie” before, food bloggers aren’t the only ones who have talents. They also have great attention to detail and can snap important aesthetics- like a beautifully prepared dish of your favorite food. Take a glance at some famous food bloggers you must follow in 2022.

1. Shikha & Harun

Shikha is an influencer & social media personality who is really popular for her food videos. The street food she depicts on her Instagram isn’t just tasty, but it’s also spicy! All these reasons are why she’s so well-loved by the people of Delhi. If you’re yearning for Indian food, we’ve found the best spots to get some good eats on Instagram by following a popular food blogger, Shikha & Harun.

2. Sowmya Venkatachalam

Sowmya’s Subbu’ is a famous South Indian food blogger and a vegetarian herself. Sowmya Venkatachalam has an impressive list of vegan recipes, which she publishes in her blog alongside her original ones. You can find mouth-watering South Indian recipes on Sowmya ‘s feed. It’s been challenging to find good South Indian recipes, with so many restaurants and food blogs these days! But on Instagram, you can follow Sowmya Venkatachalam and work your way. 

3. Sarah Hussain

Sarah Hussain, food fanatic and may become your new favorite food blogger on Instagram. Her recommendations are honestly one-of-a-kind, and her posts are going to make you want to eat ALL of them. Her feed can help you find places you never knew existed and give you amazing vibes of delicious meals.

4. Padhu’s Kitchen

If you’re not into the extreme of eating meat and looking for vegetarian recipes, Padhu Sankar’s Kitchen is just what you want. It has a ton of vegetarian recipes to keep your taste buds entertained. Padhu is a foodie and has many interests that go outside the kitchen. In addition to blogging about all her favorite aspects of life, she’s also an avid nature devotee, voyager, and student of yoga. When it comes to vigorous yet appetizing recipes, you can trust her for any occasion.

5. Mehak Dhawan 

Mehak is a young food fanatic who leaves Delhiites savoring their newfound love for Dilliwali street food. She shares the most delectable recipes and a few lesser-known specialties from outside the capital. This blogger looks as if she cares only about the yummy food. The images she posts are also very nice, but it doesn’t seem like she cares enough about what’s going on.

6. Thasneen Nazeema

Tasneem is an Information Technology certified connoisseur who began food blogging in 2009 and has gained a lot of followers. She had previously been doing traditional cookbooks, but since switching over to a recipe, blog format contains delicious recipes and beautiful photos. As she began to publish pictures of her recipes on Facebook, a food blog was soon born. Her friends and family were amazed by the recipes, so they caught onto the idea quickly.

7. Paresh Gupta

Paresh is a food enthusiast and loves sharing his favorite dishes with people around him. He’s always been very particular about what he eats and how it is made, but he has an open mind when trying new dishes and goes to great lengths to get his hands on the best of what Delhi has. Follow him at @khaata_rahe_mera_dil. 

8. Edible Garden

Supervised by Nags, Edible Garden is full of delicious creations. From mouth-watering Indian recipes to tasty snacks, this blog provides healthy options that you’ll love. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are also included in this blog. The Edible Garden is an excellent example of a blog that offers recipes, cooking hacks, and beautiful pictures. The blogger even posts on her Instagram regularly, and you can see the updates yourself. 

9. Shagun Raizada

You may think she’s passionate about posting about food on social media, but that is typically what she does. She posts her food & culinary experiences so you too can have them. Please find out more from her Twitter and Instagram posts. She is a data analyst and has reached the extent of becoming a magnificent food blogger and influencer. Her blog has tons of amazing recipes, which will make it easy to maintain your healthy eating regime. Her blog is well worth the read!!

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